Matching crocodile strips are laid over the ends to cover seams and brass finishing nails are installed to hold them in place and to achieve a finished look.  The handle is constructed and installed.

Now it is cut to size , glue is put on the wood case and the leather and the two pieces are assembled together.

The crocodile hide has been dyed and had a finish coat put on it to give the hide the finish and appearance of a new case. 

A new plywood box is constructed to the finished case specifications.

The finished case was to be black, to achieve this, the old finish and the dye had to be removed. Now naked the crocodile hide is ready to be dyed black.

The case was to be made out of crocodile, but as you can no longer purchase crocodile hides, an antique travel case was purchased.  This is the hides after they were removed from the case.

This is a sample of the custom work we have done.  It was a prop case made for the movie ‘The Freshman’ staring Marlon Brando.

The closing hardware is installed.  All these pieces are in brass to compliment the brass nails.  For this job the studio purchased a Louis Vuitton briefcase and had me remove the lock to install on this case.  They needed the sound a quality lock made when opening.

Finally, the interior is assembled with cut outs for each piece of hardware it is to house, and then lined in a rich red velvet.

This was a very interesting job to work on and it required all the skills that I had developed over many years. 


It was incredible satisfying to see the finished product.

Unfortunately  as of May 1 2017 we are no longer 

doing custom work.

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